Mamonia (Syrian Semolina Pudding)

Mamonia was our recipe of the month in our Arabic flavor group, a recipe that comes from Syria/Aleppo city. A combination of smooth semolina pudding topped with cinnamon and nuts, and it is often served with white string cheese and arabic pita bread. A middle eastern traditional breakfast meal in Syria. The recipe was introduced by the beautiful "Shaam Kayali" (host of the month) from Syria, and that was my entry ,,I should thank her alot for sharing it with us, as it was a worth try :) Mamonia (Syrian semolina pudding) Ingredients : 3 tablespoons ghee or butter 1 cup coarse semolina 4-5 cups of water (see notes) 1 and 1/2 cups sugar Nuts and cinnamon for decoration Directions : In a p

Chicken Machboos

Our monthly recipe for today in Arabic flavor group is Chicken Machboos, presented by the beautiful sweet Sumaya Obaid from UAE (host of the month). She chose this traditional dish from her country as it reminds her of a beautiful emotional memories from her childhood. This was my entry for the Arabic flavor monthly challenge, and the proceeding introductory words were Sumayas' choice to start her recipe with. Accelerating her steps while gathering up her children to head to the sea shore; awaiting the arrival of the ship that will bring back her life partner. He has been sailing in the sea for six long months. Waiting in anticipation; she doesn’t know if she will see him again, or will end

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