Baklava Cheesecake

If you are a fan of Baklava dessert,then this is a must-try! Baklava lovers (like me ! ) will enjoy the the flavors of mix roasted nuts with Cinnamon and honey filling, all together with a twist of traditional Greek dessert! The cheesecake is rich and creamy, and the flaky filo baklava layers on top provide a nice crunch. what a way to combine two delicious desserts into one! Oriental one ha! :) I used phyllo dough for the crust and It’s the same one that’s used in actual baklava desserts, having it stick up over the edges of the cheesecake would give it a beautiful look! .....that what i thought! :) Indeed,making the crust is not hard, but it does take some time. Same like when making bakl

Kunafa (Middle eastern dessert)

Today's recipe is a traditional dessert that I grew up eating it,one of my favorite middle eastern sweets, a well known and very famous in Arabic world. Kunafa is the kind of treat that you can pamper your self with! The most loved, the most celebrated. It comes with various fillings and shapes. The more creative , the more delicious Kunafa you can get! :) Now, I am sure you are wondering what is Kunafa?! Well, typically it is butter shredded fillo dough that is stuffed with sweet Arabic cheese ( Akkawi or Nabulsia), or fresh Arabic style Ashta (clotted thick cream) in the middle, drizzled with simple sugar syrup on top and garnished with crushed pistachios. yum, yum! :) Lots of people use m

Halawet El Jibn (Sweet Cheese Rolls)

Halawet el jibn (sweet cheese rolls), one of the Middle/Eastern Arabic sweets which everyone in my family craves for it especially during Ramadan,,and no wonder! As it is so luscious you’ll get addicted! ! It is a traditional Syrian dessert and very famous in Levant region. Usually we get it from Arabic sweets shops, here in UAE they have various Arabic sweets such as; Konafa, Qatayef, Halwet el jibn,… and much more! And they taste just amazing! Without them ,we do feel that there is some dish missing on our Iftar menu! :) This time I thought why not to try making this delicious cheese rolls at home?! Since always homemade is much more better! isn't is? :)) and what if the recipe was a ho

Mafroukeh (Arabic dessert)

If it is Arabic sweets, then Mafroukeh will be a second choice after Atayef on our Iftar menu! So Yesterday for the first time I tried to make Mafroukeh at home, I have been wanting to make this sweet for long and It was so good. I think you should try making it! :) Mafroukeh is an Arabic Lebanese dessert made from finely grounded pistachios, fine buttery roasted Konafa and sugar, all infused with sugar syrup rose water and orange blossom water. Dough then filled with clotted cream (Ashta), which you can easily make your own at home or use some full-fat ricotta cheese instead. The pistachio/konafa dough can be molded or shaped in many different ways. Here I used cupcake molds to form a si

Atayef,Qatayef(Middle eastern Pancakes)

There is Something wonderful about dishes that are only served in special occasions, and one of those are Atayef or Qatayef :) when we say Ramadan, then it's Qatayef! as they are Ramadan stable dessert. Atayef are usually sold in bakeries in most of Arabic countries during the holy month of Ramadan, and some people like to prepare them at home. Atayef are very similar to Pancakes, they are made with flour,semolina, sugar,yeast,milk and baking powder.The batter is sort of thin but the best way to know if you need to add more water or not is by cooking your first Atayef on hot non-stick pan over medium-low heat with no oil ,if you got lots of bubbles then your batter is just perfect in consi

Ashta(Clotted thick cream with Rose water)

If you are familiar with Middle Eastern Arabic Sweets,then you would probably know that "Ashta" is the queen of sweets fillers! "Kashta or Ashta " is the common Arabic name for clotted cream prepared with rose water. Ashta is mostly used as a filler for many Arabic desserts such as "Kunafa, Halawet El Jebn, Eish AlSaraya,Qatayef,..." and so many other sweets.It may also be served with honey or on top of fruit salads and fruit cocktails. You can find fresh ready Ashta in local grocery stores, and now you can find many brands of canned version Ashta, but for me a home-made is always the best way to get the perfect original pure Ashta! and I can guarantee that for you :) There are many ways to

Shakshuka (Middle eastern dish)

Shakshuka is a traditional rustic and authentic Arabic dish that is familiar and popular in all parts of the Arabic world. Shakshuka has never been an Israeli dish as Jewish claims, but as far they already had stolen our countries, lands and resources, no wonder if they attempt to steel our culture and recipes as well . As the famous proverb; “Falseness lasts an hour, the truth lasts until the end of time.” , they will never be able to Judaize our culture and food neither our countries as well. It is believed that Shakshuka returns in origin to an African roots, specifically north Africa ( Libya,Tunis, and Egypt). The name of shakshuka means “mix”in their slang, then it has spread and becom

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