Phyllo Meat Pie (stuffed Burek)

A burek, also known as a börek, is a stuffed filo pastry common in countries that were formerly part of the Ottoman Empire. Turkey, Armenia, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Bulgaria, and Croatia. Given the variety of countries that continue to make burek today, it’s no surprise that they have all evolved their own regional differences. Turkish or Albanian burek is often vegetarian, filled with cheese and egg. Armenian burek adds spinach and anise-flavour liqueur. The methods of preparing burek also differ by region. In Croatia, burek were flat discs, with filling in the middle. In Albania, burek are typically folded into triangles, and look similar to and Indian samosa. The filling is Inspired by a

Chicken livers with pomegranate molasses

Chicken liver has a strong flavor that may take a little getting used to. But, you’ll never know until you try. If you’re feeling adventurous and enjoy minerally, earthy flavors, give liver a try. The pomegranate molasses gives a sweet flavor to counterbalance the minerality of the liver taste. In Lebanon it is called "Sawda Djej" a dish of chicken livers, fried with handfuls of garlic, and finished with sticky-sour pomegranate molasses. I came across this recipe for chicken liver with pomegranate molasses on a Palestinian friend chief Facebook Page Samar's Kitchen , and it was an amazing recipe perfect for chicken liver lovers of the world! The liver just needs a quick sear in a hot pan,

Homemade Hummus

Easy Smooth extra creamy Hummus Recipe that's better than anything you can buy at the stores,this Creamy Homemade Hummus is sure To be a Hit! So Prepare your Pita bread and enjoy this tasty soft hummus recipe from scratch :) Hummus is a Middle eastern Arabic dish, that is usually served as a dip, suitable for a breakfast or dinner,and today I will share with you how to make hummus the traditional way. The creamiest, most authentic hummus bite you will have! :) BUT who really came up with the idea of this delicious dip made of chickpeas and tahini (sesame paste)?! The Lebanese claim it as their own. But don’t you dare get the people of Jerusalem started on the subject! And according to Wik

Coconut milk rice pudding

If you’re a fan of rice puddings, you’ll love this creamy flavorful, easy to make pudding! ِA cute treat to take to parties and get-together, so everyone will enjoy it's taste :) Creamy Coconut Rice Pudding is delicious, sweet just the perfect comfort dessert that will take you to different comfortable spot. Coconut Milk Rice Pudding Ingredients : 3 cups coconut milk 5 cups milk 1 cup sugar 3/4 cup short grain white rice washed and drained well. 1 teaspoon Vanilla pure vanilla extract. pistachio for garnish Preparation : - in a medium pot place both kinds of milk with sugar stir well and put over medium heat. - when milk starts to boil, add in rice and stir using a wooden spoon for 2 minut

Romanieh (lentil and eggplant dip)

Romanieh, Rommaniyyah is Palestinian Authentic dish that is originally known in Jaffa, but it also became popular in the closer cities such as Lod. A delicious flavor with sourness because of the pomegranates it contains.Palestinians used sour pomegranate to prepare Romanieh, which the city of Jaffa was famous for, and they used to dry them under sun in summer to be used during the rest of the year. The Residents of Jaffa took Rummaneyyah with them when they fled to Gaza and it is one of the famous dishes of Gaza. The combination of lentils and eggplants add the perfect texture to this dip and made it a very suitable vegetarian dish as well. Romahieh (Palestinian dip) Ingredients : 1 cup gre

Black seeds Pie (Qizha)

(black cumin, qizha, or Nigella seeds) have many health benefits. They are rich of unsaturated important fatty acids, antioxidant, powerful immune booster, As a result of all this, black seeds are used in different cuisines especially the eastern ones as seasoning spices for salads, and bread… In Palestine ,Black seeds also can be used to make black seeds (qizha) paste exactly like extracting Tahini from sesame seeds. This thick paste is made from grinding both black cumin and sesame seeds and it can be found in middle-east food stores. In spite of the bitter taste of black cumin paste (qizha paste), old Palestinians managed to create a sweet treat out of it by adding sugar, olive oil, semo

Layali Lubnan

A very popular dessert not only In Lebanon but throughout the Middle East,Literally the name means " Lebanese Nights" this Lebanese Cold Semolina Pudding (Layali Lubnan) is a pudding with a layer of soft sliceable semolina at the bottom and then a layer of fresh Ashta (Arabic clotted cream) on top. Some people just use a ready thick table cream , but I like Ashta, because it makes it very creamy and has a firmer, creamier mouth feel! so I mix Ashta with some thick table cream. But you can sure use only table thick cream for easier version. Sprinkle some nuts, usually Pistachios and drizzled with scented rose syrup! A popular ingredient is often added to this beautiful cold sweet, called

Eish El Saraya (Middle eastern Dessert)

Ramadan Kareem to all of you here who are observing the holy month of Ramadan :) It was a big honor for me to get the chance to participate as a guest in the special 2016 Ramadan event "JOY FROM FASTING TO FEASTING" held by a lovely food blogger Lubna Karim! So today am going to share with you one of my Favourite Arabic sweets that is usually served in Ramadan which is called "Eish El-Saraya " A dessert that once you tried it, am sure you will fall in love with it! :) It's very simple to make mainly consists of 2 layers, one of them the base that is a caramelized toasted bread-toast, covered with a delicate smooth layer of thick cream (Eshta)** and finally topped with some pistachios and r

Pistachio Ghoriba(Algerian cookies)

Ghoriba, also known as ghriba, is a traditional butter cookies popular in The Greater Maghreb and the Middle East area as well,and come in many variations, from almond ghoriba to semolina ghoriba, and Pistachio ghoriba,,,, The name Ghoriba literally means "the mysterious" and it seems that the cookies were introduced to Moroccans by Andaloussi who fled to Spain and then came back to Morocco, bringing the recipe with them. It’s crunchy from the outside and it literally melts in your mouth with each bite, I choose to prepare it with Pistachios this time,and it was really mouthwatering! also I was in love with the green color! Ghoriba is the perfect tea time cookie,and can be served with Coffe

Baid Al Qata(Stuffed shortbread cookies)

A recipe that comes from Gulf region, will be able to let me so excited to try, specially if it was from Kuwait,the place where I was born and raised spending my childhood in,,,such a wonderful old days :) Baid Al Qata, was introduced by the sweet Kuwaiti friend "Budoor" host of Arabic flavor monthly challenge in Arabic Flavor, and her choice was perfect! Baid Al Qata, is a traditional Kuwaiti dessert full of crunchy yumminess, usually served along with Arabic coffee. Baid Al Qata is a deep fried dough filled with a creamy mixture of crushed walnuts, rose water and spices, tossed in powdered sugar that gives it an "out of heaven" effect. The unusual name "Baid", meaning eggs, came from the s

Eish bel Lahm (middle eastern Saudi dish)

Eish bel lahm (meat galette) A traditional Saudi dish that is so popular in Hijaz area in Saudi Arabia, especially in Mecca.. As it is the Arabic flavor time of the month, the Challenge was this amazing Eish bel lahm dish, which literally means (bread meat) The beautiful Salma Ali (host of this moth) introduce her recipe for this amazing Saudi dish, and I were so excited to try it! because I feel little curious to know more about Saudi cuisine. and this was my entry, will leave you now with the recipe adopted from my friend Salma ALi Eish bel lahm (Saudi traditional meat galette dish) Ingredients : This amount is enough for 2 round pans (30 cm in diameter each) For the dough 5 and ½ cups of

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