Chicken Kabsa

Today, I am sharing with you a Middle Eastern dish that is very famous in So many Arabic countries and considered a stable in Saudi Arabia, national Saudi dish called Kabsa! its is a rice based dish that can be made with chicken, meat or even fish. I chose to make an Authentic Saudi recipe and to use chicken, as we like it more than any other meat. The traditional way to prepare Kabsa is by allowing the chicken to simmer slowly in a spicy broth of tomatoes and spices,but today I chose to make it my way! which is cooking the chicken in an oven pan tray,inside the oven mixed with special Kabsa spices, fresh tomatoes and tomato sauce! the result is very moist and more tender chicken! and in t

Fig honey Cake

Figs are in season now!! So, I am excited to bake something sweet and to come up with a recipe with figs being the hero! It is a great use of figs :) Ripe figs should be soft and fragrant, and when you cut into them, the flesh should be juicy and vibrant. So, I thought a fresh fig cake would sound perfect! It's moist with a sturdy texture and pleasant, subtle fig flavor. Flavored with cinnamon, and vanilla. A whipped cream and drizzle of honey is added to echo flavors inside the cake, and grind pistachios are sprinkled on top :) My Husband usually, enjoy eating it with coffee for breakfast at the early mornings, saying its a yummy dish to start his day with! Now for the recipe, الوصفة با

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