Thyme Shortbread cookies from Jerusalem

This kind of shortbread cookies is very famous among the people of Jerusalem, especially during the thyme picking season. Jerusalemite Thyme Shortbread, a scrumptious shortbread recipe very similar in texture and consistency to the Middle Eastern buttery cookies known as “Ghraibeh”. I am happy to tell that this was the recipe of the month in our lovely group Arabic Flavor! hosted by the beautiful Shatha al Hussieni from Palestine/Jerusalem :) that was my entry for Jerusalemite Thyme Shortbread, , and my husband and I had fell in love with the amazing aromatic flavor it left in our buds! This recipe as Shatha (the host of the month) mentioned is very dear to her heart since she only used to

Caraway spice pudding/Meghli

Meghli is an authentic and traditional Middle eastern/Arabic sweet dish made from rice and caraway, anise and cinnamon. As a matter of Arab tradition, when a baby is born, the family holds a gathering where friends and family come over to visit the mother and new baby and Meghli or karawaya is served on this special occasion. Caraway seeds are good for feeding mothers that is why it is made during this times,It’s been told that it’s so nutritious, energetic, and healthful for new mom, especially if she decides on breast-feeding her baby. People specially like it during winters, like a warm rice pudding in cold days! Karawya or Meghli is gluten free, and dairy free too! but above all it is c

Mujaddara Bulgur

Mujadara is one of my family favourite dishes. In particular, "Mujadara with bulgur! "Lentil And Bulgur Pilaf" in English, which is traditionally savored with caramelized onions and accompanied by plain yogurt or Arabic salad and pickles! The traditional way to prepare mujaddara will be with rice in levantine region however, sometimes bulgur is used instead of the rice making this a very earthy and rustic dish. It is spiced with cumin and the sweetness of caramelized onions offset the earthy flavors of the lentils and bulgur. This healthy vegan meal substitutes animal protein with plant protein coming from brown lentils and Bulgur :) Mujaddara, the famous vegetarian dish in the middle east

Helbeh/ Fenugreek Cake

Today I will share the recipe of a Fenugreek cake called Helbeh. Fenugreek seeds, Helba (حلبة) in Arabic an aromatic bittersweet spice, has quite a strong flavor. This little seed contains proteins, fiber and Vitamin C, niacin, potassium, iron and alkaloids. Among some of their benefits are : it increases milk production among nursing mothers, helps reduce symptoms of PMS, reduce cholesterol, increases the libido, reduces heartburn, you can loose weight by reducing the appetite, and cure skin inflammations. In Palestine and Jordan, any new mother can expect to receive a tray of these helba cake! Indeed, all members of the family can enjoy this dessert. :) This cake is easy to make, though th

"Hijazi Alexandrian,Dahdah" Stuffed Semolina bars

Dahdah in Levant region, Hijazi Alexandrian in Egypt are the two names of the same delicious traditional food street dessert that is mainly consists of 2 layers of semolina and between them is a filling of nuts,coconut, mixed with semolina and flavored with cinnamon. It is the date of Arabic flavor post of the month! and the recipe of Hijazi Alexandrian dessert was the choice of the beautiful Egyptian Maisa Abed Alsalam (the host of the month) in Arabic group, who has shared her recipe in the group and gave us the chance to try it and i was excited to do so, because from the ingredients it seems very tasty! and yes it was! :) This dessert has a very delicious flavor and an aromatic smell tha

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