Zaatar flat bread(Fteer Falahi)

Today Iam going to share with you a traditional Palestinian recipe that is so popular in this time of the year,"Fatayer Zaatar" or "Fteer Falahi" in Arabic, which literally means villagers’ pie!, it is a Palestinian pastry that is made mainly with fresh Zaatar (Thyme) leaves. A flat bread, stuffed with fresh zaatar leaves, onions and sumac. In this kind of bread a generous amount of Olive oil is used, as it is known that zaatar and olive oil are both a twin ingredients in middle eastern cuisine and specially in Palestinian food. Zaatar is the Arabic word of thyme, a wild herb that grows throughout hills and fields of the Levant and East Mediterranean regions. The distinguished aroma of Zaata

Sfouf (Semolina turmeric cake)

A cake that is beautifully yellowish in color from the all natural spice known as Turmeric, is known in Lebanon with "Sfouf" which literally means : "rows" in Arabic . While Turmeric has been shown to have a wide range of antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties , people are welling these days to incorporate this spice into their cooking because of its beneficial properties. This Lebanese moist cake is made from semolina, flour, oil, sugar, and aniseed which gives it a distinctively awesome taste, easy to make, just have to mix all the ingredients in a single bowl, pour the batter in a cake pan, and decorate with slices of blanched almonds before putting it in

Hasan Pasha Kofte

For Today, I am sharing a recipe that is so popular in Turkey , and consider one of my family favourites! "Hasan Pasha Kofte" ( Hasan Paşa Köftesi) , a wonderful, comforting dish that also can be beautifully served in family gatherers. Meatballs topped with the potato puree that look mouthwatering! , an impressive dish for sharing with friends :) I chose to add some fresh basil leaves to the red tomato sauce, as I thought it would enhance the flavor even more ... Will leave you now with full recipe,enjoy! الوصفة باللغه العربية اضغط هنا Hasan Pasha Kofte Ingredients : for Kofte: 500g minced meat 1 onion chopped 1 egg 3 tablespoons bread crumbs Salt,black pepper as desired 1 teaspoon Cumin p

Om Ali dessert

Its time for Arabic flavor traditional recipe, and this month our Arabic dish was from Egypt! Basma Al-Rayes (the host of the month) chose to share with us her Authentic recipe for Om Ali famous dessert, and that was my entry :) An old Egyptian recipe that consists of Egyptian dry bread (ruqaq), raisins and sugar, all delectably soaked and cooked in hot milk then broiled to golden perfection. This savory dish, which literally means “Ali’s Mother”, sadly has some unsavory history, It involves some key Islamic-Egyptian figures who left a significant mark in history at the end of the Ayyubid reign and the start of the Mamluk era.Ezz Eldin Aybak, the first Mamluk Sultan of Egypt had two wives; O

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