Baklava twist cookies

A familiar Levant’s taste that can be felt from the first bite of these cookies which are topped with Baklava filling. They melt in your mouth softly like a sweet musical note! Baklava twist cookies are not as sweet as baklava but tastes very close,so easy to prepare and can be stored well as they keep their lovely buttery taste :) You can serve these cookies in a friends gatherings,or family visits. Enjoying such a lovely treats with a cup of turkish coffee or black tea :) My recipe was adapted from Alexandras recipes and I was taken by the new beautiful middle- eastern flavors in these cookies . Will leave You now with the full recipe,enjoy :) الوصفة باللغة العربية اضغط هنا Baklava Twist

Monk's Kibbeh(Kibbet el Raaheb)

Monk’s recipe is one of the most traditional recipes in Lebanon , specially in the countrysides. In these countrysides, Bulgar is a very essential ingredient in every house’s hoard as it is cooked frequently in the cold days of winter while the family gathers around the Gasoline heater, This was the recipe of the month in Arabic flavor ,and that is my entry :) It tasted really amazing! my whole family loved it . Would like to thank the beautiful lady Norma AL ali (host of the month) for sharing her authentic dish with us :) Kibbet El Rahib (Monk’s Kibbeh/Soup) الوصفة باللغة العربية اضغط هنا Ingredients: The kibbeh dough: – 3 cups fine bulgur – 1 onion – 2 cups flour – salt, cinnamon, cu

Granola fruit tart

If you are looking for a special light healthy breakfast, this granola mini tarts recipe will be a perfect choice, they look beautiful mouthwatering,also healthy and so easy to make :) These tartlets have a similar crunch to the Nature Valley granola bars, but way much more healthier. They are edible bowls (crusts) that you can filled with anything you desire! PLUS, they are gluten-free with no sugar! what else one can ask for! :) The granola crust is a simple blend of rolled oats, sesame seeds, chopped walnuts, Chia seeds, honey, cinnamon, vanilla and melted coconut oil. The filling is very simple with no fat Greek yogurt, Other great options are coconut yogurt, or just a classic custard

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