Mango Mousse

It's Spring time here In UAE where I live, a best time for some refreshing sweetness that shall please our taste buds! don't you think so?! :) Here is a delicate classy cold dessert that I choose to prepare using fresh Mango! A soft rich mango mousse bottom layer, that is topped with a classic vanilla Panna cotta layer from top, that combination of 2 desserts in one came out with a super delicious flavors notes at the end . A real delightful dessert for Mango lovers. :) I chose to prepare my mousse in a sunflower/silicone mold shape, a new idea for serving mousse and Panna Cotta desserts which are usually served in glasses :) My family loved this combination and really enjoyed the fresh tas


It's time for Arabic flavour recipe of the month! and this time it was from my beloved Palestine, Muttabak" A sweet soft rolls filled with walnuts/cinnamon then dipped in sugar syrup) .This dish was introduced by Fidaa Haddad (host of the month),sharing her Authentic traditional recipe of Mutabak, that is famous in the beautiful city of Hebron. This was my entry for Mutabak joz, and I want to say that I Have enjoyed every bite of it! rolls are kind of crisp and flaky from the outside as if they have been deeply fried, and soft on the inside. The walnut/cinnamon filling is truly delicious! with a big dip in sugar syrup will just finish it up! ,sweet over all :) So, Enough talking and lets

Orange semolina cake

I looked around in my fridge to see what needs to be used most urgently and the oranges in the fruit bowl were waiting to be picked :) So I thought,when life gives you Oranges, ,make Orange cake! :) The use of Candied Orange slices and fresh orange juice both have turn this simple cake into a thing of real vibrant beauty! I have used the whole Orange skin, flesh . All the essential oils of an orange lies in the skin and it’s this intensity that we’re after. You only need to peel an orange for the aroma to fill the air. you may think the taste to be on the bitter side, but boiling the oranges whole in several changes of water removes all trace of bitterness. What’s left behind is softly oran

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