Arabic ice cream in Baklava cups

Arabic ice cream (Booza arabeyeh) is a famous dessert that is filled with the taste of the middle eastern cuisine, a combination of some flavors like Ashta,mastic gum (mesteka), Salep powder and pistachios all in one can lead to a taste of heaven! Booza is easy to make,if you have your ingredients around then give it a try! and you will not regret it! A smooth,elastic creamy ice cream texture with an amazing aroma that will make you ask for a second scoop ;) I choose to serve my arabic ice cream in a baklava cups, giving it a new serving idea for this traditional dessert. I was inspired by an Egyptian food blogger called "Cleobuttera" , after loving her way in presenting her baklava ice cr

Saudi Samosas with Mung beans filling

A new month and as usual it's time for the monthly challenge in Arabic flavor . This time the recipe was introduced by the beautiful Amaal Shoomi "host of the month" from Saudi Arabia,she chose to share a Saudi authentic Samosas that are very famous in the gulf region. The special thing about this samosas is the filling! a mixture of meat beef and Mung beans also known as (moong bean),and it was the first time for me to try such a filling for samosa... actually first time to know about this delicious green whole moong beans! which turns out to have some huge health benefits :) The photos above were my entry for Saudi samosa, I want to thank Amal for her recipe choice as I found it easy to m

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