Tamarind juice

There are few drinks in our middle eastern cuisine that are related somehow to some special occasions, one of them is this Sweet Tamarind juice :) more like a welcome drink in the holy month of Ramadan. This cold sweet and sour drink is a must on every Ramadani Iftar (break fast) table, as it is so refreshing and appetite improving. Tamarind has many nutritional benefits, it improves digestion and contains anti-oxidants . Rich in different minerals and has Vitamin C . It is just the perfect sweet drink to start your Iftar with, the amazing aroma of rose water that is added in this juice will complete the whole notes of flavors! Am sure your taste buds will love the aromatic cooling sensati

Keshk El Omara(Sweet almond/rice pudding)

Keshk El Omara or "Almatheyet el Loz" a famous Ramadani cold dessert that is popular in the Levant region especially in Syria. A smooth creamy pudding that has an almond being the hero for the special flavor this pudding has. It is very easy to prepare, that can be done the day before, and served as delicate cold sweet pudding for your family in the holy month of Ramadan . It mainly consists of Almond powder, rice flour to thicken up the mixture a little bet ,sugar and a hint of Almond extract to enhance the flavor even more. My recipe was adapted from the beautiful Assia Othman,I just made added Ashta ( ready thick table cream) for the pudding to enrich the flavors and give a more soft cre


It's time for Arabic flavour recipe of the month! This time recipe was from my beloved country Palestine. "Makrouta" a Palestinian date pinwheel cookies that was presented by My beautiful friend Mais Albasel (host of the month). And this was my entry for the amazing Makrouta cookies. Mais chose to share her grandmother's recipe for this traditional cookies, that has been inherited in her family for many generations. Makrouta is very easy to make, it is simple flour,ghee, and some aromatic herbs like anise and mastic for exotic flavors! Will leave you now with the full recipe, adapted from Arabic Flavour, Enjoy! :) Makrouta (Palestinian date pinwheel cookies) : Dough ingredients: 3 cups fl

Turkish Delight Cheesecake

A traditional cheesecake recipe with a delicious twist , by adding the sweet Turkish delight and rosewater with a pinch of dried edible rose petals for some exotic flavours. There are several types of Turkish delight (lokum). I chose the a plain red rose water flavor and decided to make cheesecake with it, the result was amazing! your taste buds will be pleased, I can guarantee that ! :) Here is my slice of this yumminess ;) Here's the recipe! Enjoy الوصفة باللغة العربية اضغط هنا Turkish Delight Cheesecake : Ingredients : 160gm plain biscuit (I used Digestive brand) Grind 45gm butter melted For the filling : 400gm cream cheese 150g (Turkish delight) cut into small cubes . 125gm thick cream

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