Ma'amoul (Middle eastern date-filled cookies)

Ma'amoul are a very famous kind of cookies in the middle eastern area,and usually are prepared in celebration of both Eid Al-Fiter and Eid Al-Adha. Ma'amoul are typically filled with different fillings and come with various shapes. They can be stuffed with ; date paste,ground flavored pistachios and ground walnuts that could be flavored with cinnamon. Making ma'amoul is easy but it takes some time and little effort,but the result is amazing and your taste buds will be pleased ! :) and worth the effort. I choose to prepare my ma'moul using flour this time and kneading the dough with butter and Ashta! (Thick table cream). A soft cookie dough flavored with special ma'amoul mix spices(cinnamon,

Rose syrup Mahalabia

Mahalabia or Muhalabia as spelled in Middle eastern countries is a sweetened flavored milk pudding which is a very popular dessert during the holy month of Ramadan. Muhalabia is very easy to prepare, takes only a few time, and placed in the fridge to cool. It is served with a variety of nuts sprinkled on top. You can use whatever nuts you like or have on hand. I choose to sprinkle some ground pistachios on mine :) As said,this is mainly a simple sweetened milk pudding ,however you can play around with flavors and kind of dairy used in the recipe, and that what I like about Muhalabia! Today my Muhalabia is prepared with 2 flavors : Concentrated Rose syrup drink (one of the popular drinks in L

Baklava nests

Baklava or Baklawa is one of the most famous and delicious Middle eastern sweets ,there are different variations of baklava shapes with various nuts fillings. All are basically made of phyllo dough stuffed with your choice of nuts,brushed with melted butter then baked and finally drizzled with generous amount of simple cold syrup. Today,I choose to prepare baklava with pistachios and Ashta (thick table cream) and assemble those sweet rich crunchy treats in a nest like shape! and they really look so cute for me :) I used Puck cream Ashta ,as I thought that ashta fillings goes very well with most of our Middle eastern desserts. If you’ve ever attempted to make your own baklava, you know well t

Algerian Olive Chicken Tagine

It’s the time for Arabic Flavour recipe of the month, a traditional dish that comes from the beautiful Algeria:) An authentic Algerian Olive Tajine with chicken stew and spiced meatballs! This Arabic flavour recipe was presented by the beautiful Najat Al-Seeedi ( the host of the month) and she was so excited to share her simple rich and flavourful Algerian tagine with us. Indeed, when the recipe was posted I was in a hurry to try it, since I like everything cooked in Tagines :) and the photo below shows my entry for it. Tagines are a must in every North African’s Ramdani table, and since we are now enjoying the days of the holy month of Ramadan, this dish came out to be the perfect choice

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