Freekeh pilaf (فريكة مفلفلة مع الدجاج)

مساءكم سعيد يا احلى ناس.. بما انه السنه قاربت على الانتهاء حبيت اشاركم باخر وصفة بسنة 2017 , طبق شرقي مفيد جدا و الاغلبية بحبه! "الفريكة المفلفلة مع الدجاج المشوي" طبق اكابري و لزيييز و كتير منا بتفنن فيه بتنويع في بهاراته و طرق تحضيره :) حبايب الفريكة وينكم؟ فريكة مفلفلة مع الدجاج المقادير : 2 كوب فريكة خشنه نوعيه نظيفة و جيدة 1/4 كوب زيت زيتون 1 ملعقة صغيرة بهارات مشكلة 1 ملعقة صغيرة كركم 1/2 ملعقة صغيرة قرفه رشة من جوزة الطيب ملح و فلفل اسود حسب الرغبة 1 بصلة مفرومه 2 ملعقة كبيرة زيت زيتون + 1 ملعقة كبيرة زيت نباتي 2.5- 3 كوب من مرق الدجاج الساخن حسب الحاجه 1 كيلو دجاج كاملة مغسلوله و منظفه و منقوعه بقليل من الخل او الليمون تتبيلة الدجاج : 1ملعقة صغيرة بهارات مشكلة + 4 حبات هال+2 عود قرف

Jerusalem/Palestinian Sesame Bagels

Jerusalem Bagels or Ka'ek bel semsem as they are called in the Middle eastern countries are kind of bread that is crispy from outside yet soft and chewy from inside. These bagels are so popular in Jerusalem city the Capital Of Palestine . A common street food that you can find in old bakeries. The making of these Palestinian sesame bagels do not include the boiling step that ordinary bagels need.Instead, they are only dipped in molases/water mix and heavily covered with sesame seeds before baking. Sesame bread is usually eaten either alone plain or dipped in Za'atar and olive oil at breakfast meal with some Nabulsi white cheese . And believe me they taste like heaven! Sooo Yummy :) I came a

Yafawi Sfeeha (Palestinian Beef Pinwheel)

A New month,and and a new authentic dish from Arabic flavor group. This time recipe was from my beloved country Palestine," Yafawi Sfeeha,صفحية يافاوية" the name was derived from the city Yafa or Jaffa which was famous of these Palestinian beef pinwheels pastries :) The beautiful Ruba Al Naji (host of the month) has shared her recipe with us, and am welling to thank her alot for her choice! as it was an amazing pastries that are full of flavor :) crispy from outside,but soft and tender from inside . My whole family enjoyed them with a hot cup of mint tea . Yafawi Sfeeha Recipe adapted from Arabic flavor Palestinian Beef Pinwheels Ingredients: For the dough: – 3 cups all purpose flour – 1

Tahini Halva (حلاوة طحينية)

Halva ,Halawa is one of the most old ancient middle eastern sweets , the name Halva was derived from the Arabic word "Halawa" that means : sweetness. There are various types of Halva among the middle east, but the most famous basic one is one that is made from Tahini (Sesame Paste) and sugar or honey.As in the very old days,they would grind oily sesame seeds into a paste (Tahini paste) then they add hot honey and mix well . Now a days, you can easily find a prepared Tahini paste in most middle eastern stores,and due to the fact that sesame seeds are rich in many beneficial nutrients that are important to humans, Halva is considered a healthy nutritious sweet. After all, a sweet thing to enjo

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