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Egyptian Me'amar Rice

This recipe is an authentic Egyptian rice dish that is super easy to make. It is called Me'amar Rice Casserole, or Rice. Bram "an open casserole with high sides" in references to the traditional terra-cotta pots this recipe is usually cooked in. Tastiest results can be accomplished if it is cooked in fire weed oven. It is usually served aside to roast chicken and potato, but can accompany any dish you normally save with plain rice. The name "me'amar", meaning rich, refers to the richness of this dish since its creamy, and chicken or meat can be added to it as well. There is a sweet version of this dish also, a mom came up with it as a sweet treat for her kids.

Arabic Flavor's host for this month, Shaimaa Radwan from Egypt, was pleased to present this recipe and gave us a chance to try this authentic taste that was brought from Egypt( Om el Donia) :)

That was my entry for the Arabic flavor challenge , and i really enjoyed preparing this dish!

Me'amar Rice Casserole Ingredients: 2 cups short grain rice (Egyptian, but American would do) 3 cups milk 1 cup cooking cream Or 1 can of cream Salt according to preference 2 Tbls ghee or butter Preparation: - Wash rice thoroughly and strain. - Heat a cooking pot on the stove, add milk and cream and cook while stirring till it starts boiling. - Meanwhile, cover the bottom and walls of the casserole or Bram with ghee or butter. - Place rice in the casserole, pour the boiled milk on it, then eason with salt. - Put in a preheated oven, 400º F. - Place on a baking sheet as safeguard from spills. - Bake on high heat till milk starts boiling and rice starts absorbing the milk, lower the temperature to medium and cook for about 1 hour. Rice is done when you see a rich golden brown crust. Serve with any kind of roast meat or chicken or even vegetables. Notes : If you don't have a terra-cotta casserole or bram, a Pyrex baking dish would do. RICE: In Egypt, this recipe is made with their traditional short grain rice that is very similar to sushi rice, and works best to give you authentic results and a creamy texture. You can substitute it for medium or long grain rice such as basmati or jasmine, but expect a less creamy and much drier texture. Either way is good

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