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Ftoot Bread(Palestinian bread)

I come to you today bearing with me one of the most delicious and popular recipes in Palestine, specifically from the city of Nablus, where Ftoot Bread is famous since ancient times as an essential breakfast component. It is called "Ftoot", meaning crumbled, in reference to the crumbled white cheese used in it as a main ingredient. This 'boiled" white cheese, originally from the city of Nablus, is a staple in Palestinian and Jordanian cuisines, since it is considered one of the most common dairy products used in a wide range of sweets and pastries... Ftoot bread is usually served along with homemade strawberry jam and mint tea.

Ftoot bread

There are two main types of Ftoot Bread known in palestine: - The first is the sweet Ftoot, which is famous in the city of Jerusalem and its environs under various names such as: Anise Ftoot, Eid Bread and Bride Bread as the people of Hebron refer to it. - The second type is the salty Ftoot, famous in the city of Nablus, and then in the city of Jenin where they added "Summaq" to the recipe. Nowadays, there are many kinds of Ftoot Bread with different flavours like the one with olives and onions.. Today's recipe is the salty ftoot bread from Nablus, which was the recipe of the month in Arabic flavor group and was presented by the beautiful Ghadeer Abd AlRaziq from Palestine (host of the month), and after i tried it, this bread became one of my favorites!

Ingredients & method are as follows :

Ingredients: - 3 cups white flour - 1/4 cup olive oil - 1 cup of milk - Pinch of salt - 3 Tbls sugar - 1 Tbls active dry yeast - 1 egg - 1 cup of crumbled white Nabulsi cheese, soaked for 15 minutes in hot water to get rid of some of the saltiness. Akkawi salty cheese can be used as a replacement. - 2 Tbls ghee - 2 Tbls black seeds - 2 Tbls sesame seeds - 2 Tbls dried thyme or oregano

Method : - In an electric mixer; add dough ingredients: flour, oil, milk, salt and sugar. - Activate yeast by adding 1tsp to 1/2 the cup of lukewarm warm, cover and leave for 5 minutes until it bubbles up. Add to the flour mix. - Kneed very well for 15 minutes till a smooth and soft dough is formed. - Cover and set aside for one hour. - After the dough doubles in size; kneed again but add the crumbled white cheese, black seeds, ghee, sesame seeds and thyme. Kneed well until all ingredients are well combined. - Spread in a wide baking pan and let it rise again for another 1/2 an hour. - Bake in a previously heated oven "high temperature" until done then brown the top under the grill till golden. - Finally; brush the surface with some olive oil. - Serve with strawberry jam and mint tea. #arabic_flavour #ftoot_bread

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