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Almond Coffee

For this month Challenge in Arabic flavor group, this was my entry for Almond coffee or Hijazi coffee recipe that was introduced by the beautiful Saudi friend : "Asmaa Olwi" (host of the month) @ SLEEPLESS IN MY KITCHEN

I really enjoyed how it tasted,and how much it was a perfect choice for winter and cold days...

Asmaa mentioned that recipe seems not well known even among Saudis even Hijazi people themselves . Hijazi Coffee or almond coffee or the sweet coffee is a known drink in the Hijaz region and in particular to the people of Mecca, a coffee drink much in the happy occasions in the first New Year's optimistic white, coffee also suitable for the winter that we are open.

Almond coffee

Hijazi Coffee (Almond Coffee) :

Ingredients :

1 cup of whole almonds ( more if you prefer) 8 cups of milk 1/3 -1/2 cup rice flour ( I prefer it quite thick , preferably do not add more rice flour , you will get then very thick consistency after reheating) 1/2 cup of sugar Cinnamon, cardamom or ginger as preferred.

Almond coffee

Directions :

- Put almonds in hot water , boil for 2 minutes. Peel and grind either by knife or food processor. Do not over process almonds , we need it to stay chunky . - Heat 7 cups of milk with sugar over medium heat . - Dissolve rice flour with the remaining cup of milk . Add to the hot milk and stir .add almonds and stir continuously until the desired consistency. - At this stage you can add spices or keeping them for garnish . - Pour the drink into serving cups and garnish as preferred

Tips : - It is not required to peel almonds , I did so as the original recipe requires. - You can use corn flour instead of rice flour . I prefer the taste of rice flour thats why I use it in desserts more . - When cooling the drink it thickens out . You can loosen it by adding more milk when reheating it .

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