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"Mshat" Palestinian Cauliflower Fritters

One of the traditional recipes that is so popular in Palestine is Mshat, which was presented to us by the host of the month the lovely Zain Banat , as she was very pleased to be representing Palestine this month in Arabic Flavour group, specifically her hometown Hebron, a city famous for its rich agricultural products like grapes, figs, almonds, apricots and olives. Hebron is also well known for having special ovens specifically used to cook the delicious "Qidreh", a rice and meat pilaf made with special spices, as well as many other authentic recipes.


The Cauliflower Fritters "Mshat" recipe to accommodate the current season, where cauliflower produce is very common at this time of year. In the old days, prior occupation,families used to gather around a brazier during cold rainy months to warm up, and use it at same time to prepare this warm recipe for dinner!

The ingredients of "Mshat" vary from one home and village to another, but all recipes call for eggs and cauliflower as the 2 main ingredients in preparing it. Less fortunate families used to add more flour to the batter and reduce the quantity of eggs they hardly afford.


Please note that this recipe doesn't have exact measures, but you should end up having a batter very similar to cake batter after mixing all ingredients together! Palestinian Cauliflower Fritters "Mshat" Ingredients: - 4 eggs - 1 cup flour - 1 head of cauliflower, medium sized - 1 bunch of parsley, finely chopped - Green onions (optional) 1 cup of cauliflower's boiling water Salt , black pepper and cumin according to preference. Preparation: -Cut the cauliflower into medium sized pieces, boil in water until slightly tender, strain and chop into small pieces. I personally prefer to have chunks of cauliflower in my fritters. -Whisk the eggs, add 1 cup of the cauliflower boiling water, then add the rest of the ingredients and mix. -Heat vegetable oil in a deep frying pan, you can mix it with olive oil if you prefer. -Scoop a spoonful of the batter and dump it in the hot oil, spread it lightly like a patè until it holds up and starts to cook and turn golden at the bottom, flip over and let it fry till the other side turns golden as well. -Repeat till you finish all quantity. -Serve alongside pickles, yogurt, Arabic salad or Tahini salad . -This dish can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Bon Appétit

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