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Mafroukeh (Arabic dessert)

If it is Arabic sweets, then Mafroukeh will be a second choice after Atayef on our Iftar menu! So Yesterday for the first time I tried to make Mafroukeh at home, I have been wanting to make this sweet for long and It was so good. I think you should try making it! :)


Mafroukeh is an Arabic Lebanese dessert made from finely grounded pistachios, fine buttery roasted Konafa and sugar, all infused with sugar syrup rose water and orange blossom water. Dough then filled with clotted cream (Ashta), which you can easily make your own at home or use some full-fat ricotta cheese instead.

Mafroukeh ingredients

The pistachio/konafa dough can be molded or shaped in many different ways. Here I used cupcake molds to form a single Mafroukeh pieces, thought it will be more cute in shape :) but you can use any mold-shape you prefer. Now let's jump in for the Recipe! :)



for Ingredients :

200 gm finely grounded Konafa pastry (Konafa fark)*

400 gm finely rubbed-un skinned grounded Pistachio (choose good quality Pistachios)*

2 Tablespoons melted butter

200 gm sugar powder

2 Tablespoons Rose water

2 Tablespoon Orange blossom water

3 Tablespoons light sugar syrup or as needed

For filling : Ashta/clotted cream or you can use full fat Ricotta cheese.

Directions :

-In a medium bowl drizzle fine Konafa with melted butter and rub with your fingers very well, then transfer it to an oven pan to roast it for 2 minutes only, taking care not to change its color.This step will give Mafroukeh a little crunch and special taste. keep a side to cool.

-In food processor combine grounded pistachio, roasted fine Konafa , sugar powder and give the mixture several pulses to get a homogenous mixture.

-Add rose water,orange blossom water, sugar syrup and mix again until moist dough is formed. ( if dough is too stiff add more sugar syrup). Cover and transfer to fridge for 2-3 hours.

-To Assemble:

  1. Line your mould you are using with a plastic wrap. Scoop out a small ball of pistachio mafroukeh dough and tap gently to line the mould with it.

  2. Fill it with some Ashta, Cover with a smaller ball of mafroukeh pad it gently to cover the mould.

  3. Fold the ends of the plastic wrap over the sweet to cover it and refrigerate it till it is time to serve.

  4. flip the mould onto a plate and gently remove the plastic wrap to dislodge the mafroukeh. Serve.

** you can process Konafa and Pistachios each separately in food processor to get them finely grounded.

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