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Keshk El Omara(Sweet almond/rice pudding)

Keshk El Omara or "Almatheyet el Loz" a famous Ramadani cold dessert that is popular in the Levant region especially in Syria. A smooth creamy pudding that has an almond being the hero for the special flavor this pudding has.

keshk el omara

It is very easy to prepare, that can be done the day before, and served as delicate cold sweet pudding for your family in the holy month of Ramadan . It mainly consists of Almond powder, rice flour to thicken up the mixture a little bet ,sugar and a hint of Almond extract to enhance the flavor even more.

Keshk El Omara

My recipe was adapted from the beautiful Assia Othman,I just made added Ashta ( ready thick table cream) for the pudding to enrich the flavors and give a more soft cream texture :)

Will leave you now with the full recipe , Enjoy!

Keshk El Omara (a middle eastern sweet almond/rice pudding)

الوصفة باللغة العربية اضغط هنا

Ingredients :

1/2 liter whole milk

1/2 cup Almond powder

1/2 cup sugar

2 Tablespoons Rice powder

125ml Ashta from Puck ( ready thick table cream)

1 teaspoon almond extract

3 Tablespoons water

ground pistachios and almonds for garnish.

Keshk El Omara

Directions :

- In a small bowl mix rice powder with water, stir well to completely dissolve.

- In a medium pot add milk,sugar,and rice-water mixture. Mix well using a whisk

- Transfer milk mixture to a medium heat,continue to stir for 25 minutes using a spatula tell the mixture thickens in consistency.

- Add almond powder,mix well to avoid any lumps.

- Turn heat off, add almond extract and Ashta (thick table cream), mix well to get a smooth creamy pudding.

- Pour into serving dishes, let cool on room temperature for 15mins.

- Place in your refrigerator for 3 hours. Before serving garnish with pistachios and almond slices. Bon Appétit :)

Ramadan Kareem

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