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Gallayet bandora (Traditional Jordanian Tomato/beef Skillet)

It’s the time for a new traditional recipe of Arabic Flavor group!

This month the dish was from my beloved Jordan, a country that has special memories in my heart. The beautiful Sara Yousef ( host of the month) chose to present a simple wonderful savory dish called “Galayet bandora” a famous Jordanian tomato Skillet that is full of middle eastern flavors.

tomato/beef skillet

All you need is some fresh tomatoes and minced/cubed beef mixed together in a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet. It starts with sauteing some onions then adding minced meat tell it’s cooked well, then you will add in fresh chopped tomatoes (the more ripe,the better). The tomato mixture cooks until it is reduced to a thicker stew. Add salt and pepper and your dish is done!

Basically the best brunch recipe ever and also the easiest to prepare if you’re hosting guests. It is usually served with hot Taboon bread and some pickles of your choice :)

Gallayet Bandora “A Traditional Jordanian tomato/beef skillet “

Recipe adapted from Arabic Flavor Ingredients :

2 medium size onions,finely sliced.

4 Tablespoons of olive oil.

300gm beef meat (cubes or minced).

3 cups of chopped tomatoes.

1 green bell pepper,finely sliced.

Salt and black pepper to taste.

Directions :

- In a heavy skillet like cast iron add olive oil over medium heat.

- Add onions and cook them until soft.

- Add meat and stir using a wooden spoon tell it is almostly cooked.

- Add tomatoes,and bell pepper let simmer until the tomato mixture begins to reduce,taste and adjust the seasoning to your liking. cover the skillet, and cook on low heat tell completely cooked.

- Serve immediately with warm bread and pickles.

Bon Appétit :)

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