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Tahini Halva (حلاوة طحينية)

Halva ,Halawa is one of the most old ancient middle eastern sweets , the name Halva was derived from the Arabic word "Halawa" that means : sweetness.

There are various types of Halva among the middle east, but the most famous basic one is one that is made from Tahini (Sesame Paste) and sugar or honey.As in the very old days,they would grind oily sesame seeds into a paste (Tahini paste) then they add hot honey and mix well .


Now a days, you can easily find a prepared Tahini paste in most middle eastern stores,and due to the fact that sesame seeds are rich in many beneficial nutrients that are important to humans, Halva is considered a healthy nutritious sweet. After all, a sweet thing to enjoy without feeling guilt ha! :)

A Plain version of Tahini Halva is very easy to make,you need only 3 main ingredients! Tahini Paste, powdered sugar and powdered milk. Indeed, I got the recipe from a beautiful food blogger friend "Manal Massoud" on Instagram. I was surprised how simple and easy was to prepare Halva at home and tasted really delicious even better than the one we use to buy from stores.

I choose to make my halva in a silicon molds, to present it in a new beautiful way! :) but for sure you can do it any container you have.

So go ahead and prepare some to enjoy it on your morning breakfast meal with a hot cup of tea :)

Tahini Halva

Ingredients :

1 cup powdered Milk

1 cup Tahini paste

1 cup powdered sugar,sifted

1 cup ground pistachio

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon rose water

Directions :

- In a medium bowl mix all ingredients well together. Hold some in your hand and press in, if it hold it's shape then the mix is ready.

- lightly grease a mold or a container with little vegetable oil,and press in Halva mix into the mold and cover tightly.

- Refrigerate over night,then you can enjoy your home made Halawa :)

Bon Appétit :)

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